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he erection of a lighth■ouse upon the Bell Rock seems to be one o●f the most pressing calls which c■ould41 in any case occur, and carries along wit■h it the imperious language of necessit■y. When we take into consideration that, in ●its effects, this work was to opera

te● in a direct manner for the safety of ■many valuable lives and much propert●y, t

he beautiful and simple par●ables of the Holy Scriptures■, inculcating works of necessity and● mercy, must present themselve■s to every mind unbiassed by the

trammels ■of form or the influence of a distorted ■imagination. In this perilous wor

k●, to give up every seventh day would j■ust have been to protract the time a● seve

nth part. Now, as it was generally sup●posed, after taking all advantages into■ view, that the work would probably require s●even years for its execution,■ such an arrangement must have extended the op■eration to at least eight years, and● have exposed it to additional risk and danger i■n all its stages. The writer, there■fore, felt little scruple in continuing the B■ell Rock works in all favourable states of■ the weather.”

He howeve■r conducted a regular Sunday service, as ■noticed in the following paragraph:— ● “Having, on the previous evening, arran●ged matters with the landing-ma●ster as to the business of the day, the signa■l was rung for all hands at half■-past seven this morning. In the early state of● the spring-tides, the artificers went to the r●ock b

efore breakfast, but as the● tides fell later in the day, it became n■ecessary to take this meal before leaving the ●sh